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  • You L, Ma J, Wang J, Artamonova D, Wang M, Liu L, Xiang H, Severinov K, Zhang X, and Wang Y.(2018).Structure Studies of the CRISPR-Csm Complex Reveal Mechanism of Co-transcriptional Interference.Cell.176:1-15.  LINK
  • Gong H, Li L, Xu A, Tang Y, Ji W, Gao R, Wang S, Yu L, Tian C, Li J, Yen H.Y., Lam S.M., Shui G, Yang X, Sun Y, Li X, Jia M, Yang C, Jiang B, Lou Z, Robinson C, Wong L.L., Guddat L.W., Sun F, Wang Q and Rao Z.(2018).A electron transfer path connects subunits of a mycobacterial respiratory supercomplex.Science.pii: eaat8923.  LINK
  • Zhao Y, Zhu R, Song X, Ma Z, Chen S, Wu D, Liu F, Ouyang S, Zhang J, Ramakrishna S, Zhu X, He L.(2018).Assembly Pathway Selection of Designer Self-Assembling Peptide and Fabrication of Hierarchical Scaffolds for Neural Regeneration.ACS Appl Mater Interfaces.10(31):26128-26141.  LINK
  • Li S, Ji G, Shi Y, Klausen LH, Niu T, Wang S, Huang X, Ding W, Zhang X, Dong M, Xu W, Sun F.(2018).High-vacuum optical platform for cryo-CLEM (HOPE): A new solution for non-integrated multiscale correlative light and electron microscopy.J Struct Biol. 201(1):63-75.  LINK
  • Wang H, Shen X, Tian G, Shi X, Huang W, Wu Y, Sun L, Peng C, Liu S, Huang Y, Chen X, Zhang F, Chen Y, Ding W, Lu Z.(2018).AMPKα2 deficiency exacerbates long-term PM2.5 exposure-induced lung injury and cardiac dysfunction. Free Radic Biol Med.   LINK
  • Pan X, Ma J, Su X, Cao P, Chang W, Liu Z, Zhang X, Li M(2018).Structure of the maize photosystem I supercomplex with light-harvesting complexes I and II.Science360(6393):1109-1113  LINK
  • Fei Sun(2018).Orienting the future of bio-macromolecular electron microscopy.Chinese Physics B27(6):063601  LINK
  • Zhu D, Wang X, Fang Q, Van Etten JL, Rossmann MG, Rao Z, Zhang X(2018).Pushing the resolution limit by correcting the Ewald sphere effect in single-particle Cryo-EM reconstructions.Nat Commun.9(1):1552  LINK
  • Xin Y, Shi Y, Niu T, Wang Q, Niu W, Huang X, Ding W, Yang L, Blankenship RE, Xu X, Sun F(2018).Cryo-EM structure of the RC-LH core complex from an early branching photosynthetic prokaryote.Nat Commun.9(1):1568  LINK
  • Xia Y, Wu J, Wei W, Du Y, Wan T, Ma X, An W, Guo A, Miao C, Yue H, Li S, Cao X, Su Z, Ma G(2018).Exploiting the pliability and lateral mobility of Pickering emulsion for enhanced vaccination.Nat Mater. 17(2):187-194.  LINK
  • Du Y, Hu H, Qu S, Wang J, Hua C, Zhang J, Wei P, He X, Hao J, Liu P, Yang F, Li T, Wei T(2018).SIRT5 deacylates metabolism-related proteins and attenuates hepatic steatosis in ob/ob mice.EBioMedicine. 36:347-357.   LINK
  • Ni C, Ma P, Wang R, Lou X, Liu X, Qin Y, Xue R, Blasig I, Erben U, Qin Z(2018).Doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity involves IFNγ-mediated metabolic reprogramming in cardiomyocytes.J Pathol. Nov 14. doi: 10.1002  LINK
  • Zhang Y, Li J, Li B, Wang J, Liu CH.(2018).Mycobacterium tuberculosis Mce3C promotes mycobacteria entry into macrophages through activation of β2 integrin-mediated signalling pathway.Cell Microbiol.20(2).  LINK
  • Li X, Zhang S, Zhang J, Sun F.(2018).In situ protein micro-crystal fabrication by cryo-FIB for electron diffraction.Biophys Rep.4(6):339-347.  LINK
  • Zhou J, Wang X, Wang M, Chang Y, Zhang F, Ban Z, Tang R, Gan Q, Wu S, Guo Y, Zhang Q, Wang F, Zhao L, Jing Y, Qian W, Wang G, Guo W, Yang C.(2018).The lysine catabolite saccharopine impairs development by disrupting mitochondrial homeostasis.J Cell Biol.Dec 20. pii: jcb.201807204.  LINK
  • Chen L, Wang M, Zhu D, Sun Z, Ma J, Wang J, Kong L, Wang S, Liu Z, Wei L, He Y, Wang J, Zhang X(2018).Implication for alphavirus host-cell entry and assembly indicated by a 3.5Å resolution cryo-EM structure.Nat Commun. 9(1):5326.   LINK
  • Huo Y, Li T, Wang N, Dong Q, Wang X, Jiang T(2018).Cryo-EM structure of Type III-A CRISPR effector complex.Cell Res.doi: 10.1038/s41422-018-0115-6.  LINK
  • Wang J, Yuan S, Zhu D, Tang H, Wang N, Chen W, Gao Q, Li Y, Wang J, Liu H, Zhang X, Rao Z, Wang X.(2018).Structure of the herpes simplex virus type 2 C-capsid with capsid-vertex-specific component..Nat Commun.9(1):3668.  LINK
  • Zhang X, Peng X, Han C, Zhu W, Wei L, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Zhang X, Tang H, Zhang J, Xu X, Feng F, Xue Y, Yao E, Tan G, Xu T, Chen L.(2018).A unified deep-learning network to accurately segment insulin granules of different animal models imaged under different electron microscopy methodologies.Protein Cell.doi: 10.1007.  LINK
  • Geng L, Liu Z, Zhang W, Li W, Wu Z, Wang W, Ren R, Su Y, Wang P, Sun L, Ju Z, Chan P, Song M, Qu J, Liu GH.(2018).Chemical screen identifies a geroprotective role of quercetin in premature aging.Protein Cell.doi: 10.1007.  LINK
  • Zhou D, Zhu X, Zheng S, Tan D, Dong MQ, Ye K.(2018).Cryo-EM structure of an early precursor of large ribosomal subunit reveals a half-assembled intermediate.Protein Cell.(2): 1-11.  LINK
  • Wang Y, Chen G, Pan Q, Zhao J. (2018).Chronic Hepatitis E in a Renal Transplant Recipient: The First Report of Genotype 4 Hepatitis E Virus Caused Chronic Infection in Organ Recipient.Gastroenterology.154(4):1199-1201.  LINK
  • Jin X, Jiang Z, Zhang K, Wang P, Cao X, Yue N, Wang X, Zhang X, Li Y, Li D, Kang BH, Zhang Y.(2018).Three-Dimensional Analysis of Chloroplast Structures: Associated with Virus Infection.Plant Physiol.176(1):282-294.  LINK
  • Yang R, Yu T, Kou X, Gao X, Chen C, Liu D, Zhou Y, Shi S.(2018).Tet1 and Tet2 maintain mesenchymal stem cell homeostasis via demethylation of the P2rX7 promoter.Nat Commun.9(1):2143.  LINK
  • Deng J, Wang P, Chen X, Cheng H, Liu J, Fushimi K, Zhu L, Wu JY(2018).FUS interacts with ATP synthase beta subunit and induces mitochondrial unfolded protein response in cellular and animal models.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.   LINK
  • Zhu Xinyu, Xu Xiaojun, Du Kang, Lu Jingze, Song Eli.(2018).I-BAR protein IRSp53 regulates clathrin-independent endocytosis in a biphasic manner.Science Bulletin.63(3), 149-151.  LINK
  • Ye B, Liu B, Yang L, Zhu X, Zhang D, Wu W, Zhu P, Wang Y, Wang S, Xia P, Du Y, Meng S, Huang G, Wu J, Chen R, Tian Y, Fan Z.(2018).LncKdm2b controlsself-renewal of embryonic stem cells viaactivation of transcription factor Zbtb3.EMBO J. 37(8).  LINK
  • Ye B, Liu B, Hao L, Zhu X,Yang L, Wang S, Xia P, Du Y, Meng S, Huang G, Qin X, Wang Y, Yan X, Li C, Hao J, Zhu P, He L, Tian Y, Fan Z.(2018).Klf4 glutamylation is required for cell reprogramming and early embryonic development in mice.Nat Commun.9(1):1261.   LINK
  • Xia P, Wang S, Ye B, Du Y, Li C, Xiong Z, Qu Y, Fan Z.(2018).A Circular RNA Protects Dormant Hematopoietic Stem Cells from DNA Sensor cGAS-Mediated Exhaustion.Immunity.48(4):688-701.  LINK
  • Xia P, Wang S, Xiong Z, Zhu X, Ye B, Du Y, Meng S, Qu Y, Liu J, Gao G, Tian Y, Fan Z(2018).The ER membrane adaptor ERAdP senses the bacterial second messenger c-di-AMP and initiates anti-bacterial immunity.Nat Immunol. 19(2):141-150.  LINK
  • Dong Q, Li X, Wang CZ, Xu S, Yuan G, Shao W, Liu B, Zheng Y, Wang H, Lei X, Zhang Z, Zhu B.(2018).Roles of the CSE1L-mediated nuclear import pathway in epigenetic silencing.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 24;115(17).  LINK
  • Zhang J, Zhu Q, Wang X, Yu J, Chen X, Wang J, Wang X, Xiao J, Wang CC, Wang L(2018).Secretory kinase Fam20C tunes endoplasmic reticulum redox state via phosphorylation of Ero1α.EMBO J. 13;37(14).  LINK
  • Zhu X, Li M, Xu X, Zhang R, Zhang X, Ma Z, Lu J, Xu T, Hou J, Song E(2018).hTAC internalizes via both clathrin-dependent and clathrin-independent endocytosis in mammalian cells.Protein Cell.doi: 10.1007  LINK
  • Zhang G, Wang Z, Du Z, Zhang H(2018).mTOR Regulates Phase Separation of PGL Granules to Modulate Their Autophagic Degradation..Cell  LINK
  • Weiqi Zhang, Haifeng Wan, Guihai Feng, Jing Qu, Jiaqiang Wang, Yaobin Jing, Ruotong Ren, Zunpeng Liu, Linlin Zhang, Zhiguo Chen, Shuyan Wang, Yong Zhao, Zhaoxia Wang, Yun Yuan, Qi Zhou, Wei Li, Guang-Hui Liu,Baoyang Hu (2018).SIRT6 deficiency results in developmental retardation in cynomolgus monkeys.Nature  LINK
  • Zhu P, Liu Y, Zhang F, Bai X, Chen Z, Shangguan F, Zhang B, Zhang L, Chen Q, Xie D, Lan L, Xue X, Liang XJ, Lu B, Wei T, Qin Y(2018).Human Elongation Factor 4 Regulates Cancer Bioenergetics by Acting as a Mitochondrial Translation Switch.Cancer Res.78(11):2813-2824  LINK
  • Fan K, Jia X, Zhou M, Wang K, Conde J, He J, Tian J, Yan X(2018).Ferritin Nanocarrier Traverses the Blood Brain Barrier and Kills Glioma.ACS Nano  LINK
  • Fan K, Xi J, Fan L, Wang P, Zhu C, Tang Y, Xu X, Liang M, Jiang B, Yan X, Gao L(2018).In vivo guiding nitrogen-doped carbon nanozyme for tumor catalytic therapy.Nat Commun9(1):1440  LINK
  • Yuan S, Wang J, Zhu D, Wang N, Gao Q, Chen W, Tang H, Wang J, Zhang X, Liu H, Rao Z, Wang X(2018).Cryo-EM structure of a herpesvirus capsid at 3.1 Å.Science  LINK
  • Qiu X, Lei Y, Yang P, Gao Q, Wang N, Cao L, Yuan S, Huang X, Deng Y, Ma W, Ding T, Zhang F, Wu X, Hu J, Liu SL, Qin C, Wang X, Xu Z, Rao Z(2018).Structural basis for neutralization of Japanese encephalitis virus by two potent therapeutic antibodies.Nat Microbiol.  LINK
  • Lin Yang, Santasree Banerjee, Jie Cao, Xiaohong Bai, Zhijun Peng, Haixia Chen, Hui Huang, Peng Han, Shunyu Feng, Na Yi, Xueru Song and Jing Wu(2018).Compound Heterozygous Variants in the Coiled-Coil Domain Containing 40 Gene in a Chinese Family with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Cause Extreme Phenotypic Diversity in Cilia Ultrastructure.Frontiers in Genetics  LINK
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